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Neutrality: A Psychic Superpower

Two things become apparent pretty quickly when studying clairvoyance: one is that clairvoyance doesn't happen in a vacuum, and two, getting more psychic is an outcome, not a goal.


Oh, the stories I could tell you.


When I started clairvoyant studies nearly two years ago, and longer if I count the beginning classes, I thought, "Wow, I'm going to get super psychic. I'm going to learn to manage my energy, and it's going to be so cool."

That's partly true.


What's more true is that tapping into my psychic gifts, for me anyway, was ultimately about learning to get Neutral to all the crazy sh*t; well, we don't call it that! We call them pictures.


Pictures are the million and one mental images that get stuck in our energy because attached to them are our unresolved emotions, beliefs, and stories galore. Bear with me a minute.


Every picture in our mind—you can call them memories if that pleases you—comes fully stocked with some form of energetic vibration. Over time, when that energy is unresolved, we weave it in, through, and around our lives—and this is where and how we can find ourselves getting completely S.T.U.C.K.


Here's an example.

I have an incredible story I've been telling myself and others for decades – and believe me, I earned it. My story goes something like this, ", and a culmination of crappy experiences in childhood that evolved into crappy experiences in adulthood" ad nauseum - surrounding romantic relationships.


Now, I have more than one story about romantic relationships, but I'll stick with the most relevant one for brevity. After many perceived failed relationships, I created the story that I am not interested/capable of being in a loving romantic partnership. Whoa, that's a freaking whopper, right? First, let me clarify, this story IS total B.S... I have many loving, kind, compassionate, and caring relationships in my life! So, I am capable....but I have a lot energy wrapped up in the story.


The energy of pain, grief, disappointment, fear, victimhood, etc. Moreover, it's a story I've repeated internally and out loud for so long I believed it. And, say it with me: "Holy cow, I programmed myself!" Yep, that's possible, too.

So, what am I getting at here? All the psychic experiences (and therapy) I had didn't shift my perception of this pervasive, impactful, crappy story.


Let me preface what comes next by acknowledging there is no one way to heal. Using clairvoyant tools is just one "language"; if it resonates, it will work for you. But you can adopt any language, tool, or skill that makes a difference in your life.

Back to my stories, story.

Eventually, through clairvoyant studies I learned how to neutralize the energy attached to this story. Keeping the memories intact but grounding and clearing out the energy, the charge. This has given me new freedom in my life and my relationships.


So, why am I telling you this, and what does my story have to do with Psychic Superpowers?

While Neutrality is not traditionally taught as a psychic skill, it is an outcropping of psychic development that can help us heal old patterns, become more available to our intuition, experience more freedom, and increase psychic attunement.

Given this scenario, imagine, for a moment, if more people developed the skill of Neutrality. Might our world be a place where more people could experience freedom and peace, less war, more love, less hate, more safety, less violence, and hell, just a whole lot more good vibes and compassion?

Take heart in this, my friends. Healing is possible. Neutrality is possible. Peace is available, and you can learn to tap into it.

Neutrality IS a Superpower!




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I absolutely LOVE this, Lisa! What an interesting way to look at our experiences...the energy they can hold, or that we allow them to hold! Thanks for sharing!

P.S. I really like your writing style! Looking forward to more posts.

Replying to

That is so cool. I'd love to have you there. 🤗

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