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The Rise of Integration Energy!

Updated: Apr 20

Whew, I am not kidding; everyone I know, including me, is going through some significant transformation energy.

This is an amazing and overwhelming time, and most of us are feeling that weird internal energetic 'static'—we can't move forward, we can't move backward, and we have no idea what's coming. 

Damn, if that just isn't the most frustrating thing ever. Even more so if you're a goal-oriented person like me–it throws me off when the energy isn't supporting "focusing on a goal," and I frankly don't know what to do with myself.

This is the rise of integration energy.

While it's not a magical remedy, here are a few things that might help ease the "static" during this time of integration. 

  1. Be still. Like a rock. Focus on your breath and know - "I am." The only truth that's important here is everything you are experiencing is YOU. Whatever way you define things for yourself in this time (i.e., good, bad, uncomfortable, wonk-a-doodle), whatever, the bottom line is it's all you - and that means it's all god too! In the energy of the divine, there is only balance, neutrality, creation, and existence. Nothing is outside of the divine creator. So be still. Be easy. Breathe. You are one with all of it.

  2. Watch thoughts that sneak in ideas of separation. Oh man, these are sneaky boogers. These are the thoughts that lead us down rabbit holes to nowhere fast. You might recognize these as anything that allows you to feel "UN." Unworthy, unloved, uneasy, unfortunate, unlucky, unwell, unhappy. UN, by its nature, is the thing that separates us from what we long for. Instead, notice where you already experience worth, love, ease, fortune, luck, wellness, and happiness. I promise all of these are true of you if you take a moment to recognize how they are showing up in your life. 

  3. Embrace the T's: Transition and Transformation. Ultimately, we are all in the process of releasing the old and bringing in the new - at the same time. It's a weird collision of energies - of which most of us are not accustomed to. In our wee human forms, we like to experience the world and life in black-and-white terms. Life is either all good or all bad, for example. In this energy, we are learning to hold all of it. The energy of letting go and the energy of bringing in simultaneously. We are in transition on our way to transformation. It's icky and glorious! Embrace it. 

Integration energy brings us transformation. Don't be surprised if, when you finally emerge from this wildness, you see and feel the world differently. Perhaps you have more neutrality, more love, more ease, and a deeper recognition of the preciousness of life.

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