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What is Affirmative Prayer?

When asked, or called to do so, I offer Affirmative Prayer. Affirmative Prayer is sometimes called "spiritual mind treatment" or just "treatment." It's a powerful form of energy work and supports congitive shifting.

Ernest Holmes, creator of Affirmative Prayer, describes it as “a recognition of Spirit's Omniscience, Omnipotence, and Omnipresence, and a realization of man’s unity with Spirit.” Affirmative prayer focuses on the good we desire and recognizes that we’re acknowledging the good that has already been created in “god’s” perfection. This perfection is always present. Affirmative Prayer helps us to consciously tap into this perfection. The Law of Attraction has origins in Affirmative Prayer.

When I practice Affirmative Prayer, I am acknowledging the perfection that already exists.

Why do you use the words God, Creative Intelligence, and Divine Source (among others) interchangably?

I use many terms to refer to "spirit" as a way of communicating what is meant to be an all-encompassing energy of creation. Sometimes, it's easier to use the term "god." Of course, you too can see these terms as interchangeable. If the term god is not a positive one for you, consider a term that is. Some people like the word’s "energy", "nature", or "spirit..."

What qualifies you to offer these services?

I've been on my own healing journey for 30 years. It began with a debilitating physical illness in my 20’s that evolved into a chronic condition - impacting my life immeasurably. Throughout the healing of my physical being I became aware of childhood wounds and traumas that had been playing out in my life, health, finances, and relationships. In the midst of my own searching, yearning, and healing - I earned a clinical degree in counseling and earned certifications in energy work and Wholistic Kinesiology. These tools helped me in my own healing.

I've had the experience of living life on the brink of despair and now have a joy-filled, abundant, healthy, and contented life. I wish the same for all beings. I'm grateful to be gifted with skills that offer comfort and guidance to others on their journey.

I'm a natural empath, spiritual medium, and lightworker and have had psychic abilities my whole life. Energy plays a vital role in our wellbeing and I've seen remarkable changes in myself and others as a result of energy work and making changes to my lifestyle, especially with food and nutrition. I've had the privilege of providing services in community and public agencies and in my private practice over the last 15 years.

2006 - University of New Mexico, MA Counseling

2009 - Current, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC)

2010 - Rocky Mountain Healing Arts, Certified Heartworks Practitioner (energy healing)

2013 - Wholisitic Kinesiology Institute (certifed wholisitic kinesiologist)

2020 - Duality Training with Jeffrey Allen (renowed energy healer)

2020 - Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii (clairvoyant studies 101 and 102)

2020 - Centers for Spiritual Living, Religious Science Pracititioner Studies (licensure program for spritiual counseling to be completed in 2022).

Is what I share confidential and secure?

Absolutley, YES! Confidentiality and your privacy are improtant to us. We adhere to the highest standards when it comes to protecting your privacy. Of note, we will NEVER sell your contact infromation for any reason, to anyone, for any price. We will never disclose that you sought out or engaged in any service, and we do not keep written records of any sessions. Written sessions are sent to your private email box. Phone sessions are not recorded unless by request. Pre-recorded video sessions are uploaded to using a private, unlisted link, that is accessible to you for a specified period of time. For more information see our policies at LIGHTGUIDED POLICY.

What is energy work and distance healing?

In the most basic sense, love is an energy with the power to unite, harmonize, and heal, and it is unconditional in its action. Distance Healing is the transmission of this energy, through directed intention. Origins of Distance Healing are found in the tradition of Reiki.

In brief, we are more than our physical bodies. We are also energy. Our energy bodies include the aura (energy field), chakras (energy centers) and meridians (energy pathways). The energy field takes energy in, chakras break it down, and meridians distribute it throughout the body. When vital life energy is not flowing freely - becoming stagnate - we may feel dull, depressed, anxious, easily overwhelmed, and express symptoms of this stagnation in our physical bodies as well.

Since subtle energies originate outside of space-time and are not governed by physical laws, they easily travel at speeds beyond the speed of light to bring healing and balance to the intended client or situation.

Distance Healing can be applied to people, pets, physical spaces, and situations. Healing is for the person requesting it. We do not practice healing on anyone without their express permission. The exception to this is for pets, babies, and those who have passed from the physical plane.

While it’s ideal for the client to be in an available “receptive” state when energy work is being conducted (aka in real-time) energy work can be effective in non-linear time (e.g. recorded in non-linear time). Energy work is primarily conducted in silence.

How can Intuitive Counseling help me?

There are many things we experience in life that might limit our experience of joy, abundance, and contentment. In particular, healers and sensitives, can be more vulnerable to taking on the energies of others. This may contribute to feelings of sadness and depression, anxiety and doubt - and may show up as a lack of satisfaction in life or health problems. These may be short lived or become long-term patterns. Eventually these patterns, emotions, and beliefs when not cleared can get stuck in our energy fields.

Intuitive Counseling offers a unique and supportive approach to healing. I will ask you about your goals for the session and spend a few minutes tuning into your energy. I combine my clinical skills, psychic and intuitive abilities, experience as an energy practitioner, and knowledge of nutritional supplementation to get to the heart of the matter. Every session is unique – but always with the purpose to support you living your best life with clarity, vitality, balance, contentment, joy, and abundance.

See more about Energy Healing in FAQ.


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