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My Story

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I come from a family of psychics. My grandmother, on my mother's side, was an incredible mystic who introduced me to Jewish Mysticism and card reading early on. My grandmother could tell anyone's fortune by looking at their palms, reading tea leaves, or using a deck of playing cards. Being psychic was "normal" in my family; we just didn't talk about it. 


I met my guides, the "Blues," between 11 and 13. I perceive them as luminous beings of light. Today, I call them BOB (Benevolent Omniscient Beings)—and yes, BOB has a great sense of humor. They are loving, welcoming, and informative.


Crystals were my love language since early childhood and the entry point into what would eventually become an incredible spiritual quest. Over the years, I studied everything I could: herbalism, crystal healing, religions, Mysticism, energy healing, psychic development, pendulum/divination, and other spiritual and healing modalities. Eventually, I pursued a career in counseling and earned certificates in wholistic kinesiology, energy work, clairvoyance, and other esoteric studies.

I'm a late bloomer that took the long road. I'm grateful to my guides, who consistently remind me that I/we are already perfect - just as we are, just where we are, and we can't get "life" wrong! 


Everything we do and experience in this or any life expands the Divine, the One Source. Though our human stories are complex, in the realm of spirit, the purpose for everything is simple - create and expand - for infinity.

Lisa K. Jackson 


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