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Energy Reading & Intuitive Guidance 

At the heart of my work is healing. Readings look at blockages that may be limiting your joy and abundance. I combine therapeutic, intuitive, and healing modalities to look at the energies affecting you and your current situation. My goal is to offer insights that allow you to gain more clarity and healing. I access information through clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), claircognizance (knowing), clairsentience (feeling), mediumship, channelling, and healing tools.

Format: Live ZOOM session. 

Length: 50-60 Minutes

Cost: $130.00 (USD)

Availability: Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Readings are for people 16 years and older. They do not provide diagnoses, treatment, cure, or medical, financial, or legal advice, nor predict the future or encourage people to make to certain decisions.. 



Questions to deepen your awareness and healing.

  • What do I need/want to know about XYZ?

  • What is my truth about XYZ?

  • What is beneficial for me to understand about XYZ?

  • What can I let go of regarding XYZ?

  • What no longer services me regarding XYZ?

  • How am I out of step with XYZ?

  • What will bring release with XYZ?

  • What is my truth today? 

  • How can I deepen my process of physical and spiritual integration?

  • In this moment, how do I understand and connect with the overall meaning of my life?

  • What can I do to expand my ability to trust myself?

  • What can I learn today that will help me move forward in my life?

  • How can I embrace a deep sense of self-worth?

  • How can I bring more joy and laughter into my life?

  • How do I hold myself back from fully loving myself and others?

  • How does blame show up in my life?

  • How does fear impact my life?

  • What expectations or judgements do I have which blocks or limits my life?

  • What are my next steps in life? 

Excerpts from 400+Questions to ask the Akashic Records by Cheryl Marlene

Disclaimer: I am not formally trained in Akashic Records nor receive compensation to promote the work of Cheryl Marlene. 

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