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What does it mean to be on a spiritual journey?

Hell if I know - but here are some random and not so random thoughts.

I love to write. Not because I've had training, am particularly skilled at it, or because I believe myself to be a "writer." I love to write because the act of writing fills my cup. Equally, and not at all related, I don't consider myself "religious." And yet, for all intent-and-purposes I probably am! Religious, that is!

Further, perhaps by comparison I'm not as awakened, intuitive, wise, grounded, or centered as others in roles of healer, intuitive, medium, etc. In fact, I'm insecure, fearful and arrogant about the whole thing from time to time!

What I am is a seeker, a deeply curious naval gazer, and a human on a journey in this thing called life!

I've been through some "stuff." I've walked many, many, many roads - some really dark ones - both literally and figurative!

All have led here. Here, "I AM."

People, including me, seek guidance and support to navigate the terrain of our deep longing to "know" the truth. We sometimes feel blind, or blindsided by life because we think our experience of it is "supposed" to be different than it is (trade secret - this is why we become seekers).

We are never NOT on a spiritual journey, we cannot miss a turn, do it wrong, or end up misaligned with our higher self or God! The journey is life - and life is the destination. We've already arrived, we're already doing it, and it's already perfect (aka designed for our highest good/enlightenment).

The journey doesn't lead to a distant place, a sacred temple, the feet of a guru, an all knowing psychic, or the ancient wisdom teachings. Nor does it lead to a single truth, happiness, or actual enlightenment. While these places might be watering holes along the way, in the end the truth is "you are."

The journey is simply the process of revealing yourself yourself.

You are where wisdom and all knowing reside. You are where God, joy, breath, love, abundance, freedom, healing - and all that you seek or desire is made manifest!

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