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Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Such powerful and complex energies this week. So-much-so I lost track of the days and realized I didn't post a weekly message last week (June 18).

This weeks' message will have to do. Good thing it's big enough to encompass last weeks energies, too!

The words "let go" ring in my ears, stinging my thoughts. My eyes well-up with tears, my heart beats heavy and drops into the center of my chest. My thoughts grow sharp and multiply.

"Letting go" can bring ultimate freedom but grief can be an unexpected passenger. Grief is a 'movement' of old hidden things bubbling to the surface - cracking open the thin layer of protection we've built over decades, centuries, eons - bringing dark into the light - showing its raw vulnerability - standing up to be healed and freed.

Grief comes before freedom. "Letting go" calls us into the words of spirit who says, "grieve child, grieve." Grief IS your freedom. Grieve without shame, grieve hard-core, out loud, in the open - let it unify the hearts and minds of humanity.

When we grieve we are releasing wounds (energies) that have taken up residency in us. When we let go and allow the energy of grief to flow through us, to surface, to heal - we begin to learn what it means to be free!

Freedom is borne in us. We become new again. Freedom fills the opening left by grief. Freedom is the place in us that holds our new beginnings and dreams; compassion and softness. A softness we only know when the sharped edges of pain, mistrust, greed, hatred, and fear have dissolved in tears.

Freedom is a clean slate - we become new again! Where will freedom lead you?

Angel Messages: "Do not lose faith. The storm clouds will soon clear and the sun will shine once more."


  • Words: Dreams. Letting Go. New Beginnings.

  • Healing meditation: crown chakra (violet)

  • Healing crystals: Cacoxenite, Blue Kyanite, Herkimer Diamond


Card Credits

  • The Secret Language of Light – Denise Jarvie

  • Healing Angel Cards - Toni Carmine Salerno

  • Crystal Reading Cards - Rachelle Charman

  • Light Seer’s Tarot – Chris Ann


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