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WEEKLY MESSAGES | JULY 25 | Love is all around

Music shows up in our lives in many ways. It might take center stage at a-must-see-concert or show up subtly -- like on a ride in some random elevator.

Music can be orchestrated or organic, randomly happened upon, intentionally sought, or missed completely. We may disregard certain sounds as music altogether; like the seemingly incoherent chirps of birds in spring, the sound of cicadas, or crisp leaves clattering atop a shaking cottonwood tree.

We humans are funny about our music – our likes and dislikes. We have all kinds of preferences about tempo, tone, loudness, instruments, vocals, and lyrics. We are drawn to music that feeds our souls and speaks to our hearts and perhaps we favor only a few artists or albums – the ones we play over and over at the exclusion of all other music, missing a million other genres.

Nonetheless, music plays a vital role in our experience. Music sets the stage for the many scenes that play out in our lives. Music is intertwined with our most joyous and most painful memories. It’s heard, felt, seen, and participated in and is always around us in subtle and not so subtle ways.

Love is like music.

We humans are funny about love, too. How we perceive it, receive it, give it, how tightly we hold it, or believe it is supposed to look and feel – who it’s supposed to come from and how it’s supposed to be experienced. Like the subtle chirping of a bird we may miss the love around us if we aren’t present to it - both to the love within us and the love that is around us.

Yes, love is all around us all the time without exception. We may miss it because it isn't the big shiny kind of love we equate with romance – it’s more subtle than that and requires an ear – a real listening. This love is not the song, but the vibration of the note – and it reverberates here and now and forevermore.

Love is the resonance of spirit and it is always with us, just like a beloved song.

Angel Message: "The best way through the current situation is to just speak your truth. Contrary to what you may think, no one will be hurt if you express exactly how you feel."


  • Words: Cycles. Success. Fertility.

  • Healing Meditation: Sacral Chakra/Joy

  • Healing Crystals: Moonstone, Orpiment, Fairy Stone.

Spirit Animal

  • Nightingale Spirit - Love is all around.


  • I am learning to accept the things I cannot change.

  • I embrace and nourish the creative aspect of my mind.


Card Credits

  • The Secret Language of Light – Denise Jarvie

  • Healing Angel Cards - Toni Carmine Salerno

  • Crystal Reading Cards - Rachelle Charman

  • Light Seer’s Tarot – Chris Ann

  • Chakra Love - Katie Manekshaw

  • Souls Journey - James Van Praagh

  • Spirit Animal Oracle - Colette Baron-Reid


Disclaimer: All suggested resources are publicly accessible sites we believe contain valuable information. We are not affiliated, or otherwise paid to promote or advertise other services. We encourage viewers to use discretion and access resources that resonate personally for you.

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