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September 2020 | AIR SIGNS | The Trifecta

Where have you been Air Signs? It seems like you’ve been on “a journey of a 1000-miles” to the caves and back.

Perched in your higher self and still thinking about whether or not you’re ready to emerge. Or rather “feeling” into whether or not you’re ready to emerge – your intuition is running the show this month.

You look pretty comfortable in the bubble of higher self; it suits you – and frankly it’s the safest place to sit while your life is undergoing major transformation. Best seat in the house!

There are two significant areas of your inner life shifting. Why aren’t you freaking out? You’re so cool, calm, and collected – which is freaking the rest of the zodiacs out. When it’s all over will you share your secret with the rest of the gang or at least teach a class or something – “How to stay COOL when life turns up the HEAT.”

Emotional waters are running deep. There was a time when you would have been overrun by the intensity – but something is different. You’re allowing the energies to unfold – and not pulling your usual tricks; control and over analyzing.

You’ve matured a lot this season and figured out mastering your emotions is the transformation you needed to master your life and a sense of wellbeing and happiness f.o.r.e.v.e.r. That's amazing...

But what's up with that Emperor?

He’s the epitome of confidence, power, authenticity, manifestation, groundedness, solidity, fire, and strength – and yet – you resist him. Why? Aren’t you ready to embrace this part of yourself? This is what you’ve been working toward whilst hold-up in that cave of yours. You can trust him, and you can embrace all of his qualities as your own.


This is your Trifecta - the Moon is the water to your air; the Emperor is the earth and fire to your air - as all four elements integrate they transform you into something kind of super-human - you know, unicorn like. You are now, and forevermore, unstoppable! Own it!

Angel Messages: “I am your link between Heaven and Earth, between your humanity and divinity. I am here to help you heal the conflict that exists between your heart and mind. Feel me in your heart and thoughts. Through oneness, there is love.”


  • Words: Perseverance. Trust. Service.

  • Own Your Power

  • Healing Crystals: Kunzite. Red Jasper. Fire Agate.


Card Credits

  • Healing Angel Cards: Loving Guidance from the Angels - Toni Carmine Salerno

  • Crystal Reading Cards - Rachelle Charman

  • Light Seer’s Tarot – Chris Ann

  • Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Cards - Colette Baron-Reid


Disclaimer: All suggested resources are publicly accessible sites we believe contain valuable information. We are not affiliated, or otherwise paid to promote or advertise other services. We encourage viewers to use discretion and access resources that resonate personally for you.

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