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September 2020 | WATER SIGNS | Unity in Light

There is a divine and sacred energy that runs in, through, and around your life – ALL of it. Let that sink in for a minute and then I’ll repeat myself.

There isn’t any part of your life (or situation in your life) that the divine is not.

I could end the reading right here. If you let that message really sink in - so deep that you feel it in your bones - ultimately this is the only message you need now. But I’ll continue just in case you’re not quite there yet.

You think you’re at a crossroads, but there is nothing further from the truth. Not only can you really “have it all” but in the end there are no mistakes. So, whatever choice you're sitting in the middle of – well – it’s time to look at the whole thing from a new perspective.

First of all, take that silly blindfold off. There is no need to be nervous about what’s ahead Water Signs. You can handle this. You were totally made for this part of the journey. Ready? Take my hand, let’s step through this together.

Our minds play incredible tricks on us. In our human-ness we experience things in compartments, as separate, black or white, right or wrong, good or bad, this or that, feast or famine, shall I continue…? I think you get the idea here.

Instead, consider this. Our lives are full of contrasts. Everyone’s lives are full of contrasts. Sure, some days we do feel better than other days, but here’s the point. Contrast is part of our human experience.

What messes us up are all the judgements we create around our perception and beliefs about these contrasts! Spirit knows only oneness, unity, and wholeness. If we saw through the eyes of spirit we’d understand that everything is ultimately made of the same star stuff (including you, by the way), and that star stuff is basically “light.”

Yep, you heard me. I said it! L.I.G.H.T. light! Why is this important? Because, if everything IS light then even shadows are ultimately light, too. As kids we used to spend hours spinning quarters. Flicking one end until it spun around so fast it looked like a 3-dimensional sphere rather than the 2-dimensional coin we "knew" it to be.

So, free yourselves up Water Signs. Time to flick one end of your life until it starts spinning on end. Then you’ll see that everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) is part of the whole – and it’s all divine.

Angel Messages: “We, your angels, are here to remind you of your magnificence. You are literally an angel in the making - a being of eternal love and light - forever one with God-Goddess and all creation.”


  • Words: Joy. Clarity. Grounding.

  • Healing Music: Unity Song.

  • Healing Crystals: Opal. Tanzanite. Hematite.


Card Credits

  • Healing Angel Cards: Loving Guidance from the Angels - Toni Carmine Salerno

  • Crystal Reading Cards - Rachelle Charman

  • Light Seer’s Tarot – Chris Ann

  • Wisdom of the Oracle Cards - Colette Baron-Reid


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