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Messages for the Collective - Oct 30, 2021

You might have to dig a little deeper to find the magic. Not because it isn’t there, right at the surface, but because this 'being human thing' sometimes gets in the way of our ability to tune into Spirit (our higher selves). Sometimes we need to take a beat and slow down long enough to connect in. How's that meditation practice going?

Believe me - when the world is going mad we need to center, draw in, come back to ourselves more than ever - and when the world is going mad it can feel impossible to tune into our higher selves in the midst of all the noise. But, it is possible. It might take a little more intentional focus.

Spirit has messages for you. Now, more than ever Spirit has a lot to share with you - especially about your journey. Don't fret that you might need to dig a little deeper to really hear what’s coming through. Take a beat. Slow down. Ask for help. Tune in. You'll see, it'll all come rushing in.

As I breath in I feel the light of Spirit sparking my awareness wide-open. I welcome the presence of divine light into my consciousness and welcome the messages available for me. I invite wisdom, guidance, and joyful light to fill my awareness. I feel into the ever-present nature of Spirit and the love that envelopes me and my life. Yes to wisdom! Yes to guidance! And yes to clarity. I am available for all the good pouring into my life, right here, right now - for my growth, my light, and my joy. And so it is!

Journaling or automatic writing might help boost your antenna. It's also a space to write the messages Spirit is pouring into your (intuitive) ear! It's a good time for creating new stories especially around anything that you feel has been holding you back! Go ahead, get creative! Focus on your purpose and write into existence the life you want to experience!

Then sit back and watch it unfold. Whoohoo, we're in for the ride of our lives!

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