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JUNE 2020 | AIR SIGNS | Wind at your back

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

The wind is at your back blowing you straight into a new opportunity. Surprise! And it IS a surprise! You didn’t see this one coming. Moreover, you’re not sure about the timing or the quality of what is being presented to you.

You’ve been working hard building your castle, gaining stability, loving yourself, developing your skills – you feel pretty terrific about yourself right now. You’re sitting squarely on your throne - and then spirit is like, “hey, it’s time for a little excitement.”

Excitement shmexitment! You're thinking, "Do I even want this offer? Will it meet my standards? Does it bring anything that adds to my fine castle – or is this another run-of-the-mill addition that will require all of my effort and none of the return?" Ha, great questions, dear one. Only you can decide.

Here are a few things for her-majesties consideration. This situation/opportunity IS being divinely guided. It may or may not be your “happily-ever-after” but spirit doesn’t bring opportunities like this around for nothing. It may just be the catalyst for much needed healing, learning, and teaching. Remember, the divine already knows where you're going and how to help you get there.

Obviously, you’re hoping for a positive, even enthralling, outcome. It’s clear you’re not ready to decide anything just yet. It’s okay. Look, you didn’t become Queen in a day. You have the right stuff built from years of experience - trust your intuition and your magical powers of communication and discernment. You are the captain of this ship, and guess what, you will make the best decision at the right time. Trust that there is a divine plan and it's perfectly unfolding.

Angel Messages: "Instead of seeing the current situation as an obstacle, try seeing it as an adventure. Explore all the possibilities. There are many more than you currently imagine. Instead of seeing things as either black or white try to explore all the colors in between."


  • Listen to music that inspires you, makes you wanna dance, and listen for messages from your angels in songs

  • Healing for sacral chakra (orange)

  • Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz Crystal, Black Tourmaline


Card Credits

  • Healing Angel Cards: Loving Guidance from the Angels - Toni Carmine Salerno

  • Crystal Reading Cards - Rachelle Charman

  • Light Seer’s Tarot – Chris Ann


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