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JUNE 2020 | WATER SIGNS | If I only Could...

My heart is breaking and I haven’t even started reading your cards yet, Water Signs!

The energy feels heavier than your usual watery waves. Let’s see if we can find some clarity and healing together! I’ll walk alongside you. *This may be more specific to Cancer.

Sigh! You gave it all you had. Everything you worked for is lost. You toiled intensely as only Water Signs can and no matter how hard you tried to hold onto it, it slipped away, like a ship sailing off into the night. The hardest part is you had to watch it as it sailed away and there was literally nothing you could do to stop the turning of the tide.

Fear not beloveds. This is a temporary setback. Whatever was lost will return tenfold. Renewed. It might not look the way you remembered when it comes back. It may be a whole new thing taking the place of what was lost.

The most important thing is to appreciate all that you do have, all that does come into your life no matter how big or small. Abundance is a magnet for abundance in all its forms. Find something to be joyful about and more joyful things will follow.

My heart is with you. This too shall pass.

Angel Messages: "The sun is about to burst through the clouds and you will soon see things in a different light. Something that previously seemed hopeless will soon be filled with nothing but hope."


  • Words: Joy. Acceptance. Purification. Manifestation. Abundance.

  • Healing for crown chakra (violet)

  • Citrine, Clear Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Opal, Amethyst


Card Credits

  • Healing Angel Cards: Loving Guidance from the Angels - Toni Carmine Salerno

  • Crystal Reading Cards - Rachelle Charman

  • Light Seer’s Tarot – Chris Ann


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