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February 2021 | Wisdom of the Heart

Almost a year ago life was forever changed. As the pandemic made its way across the planet individuals, families, communities, and businesses large and small, were called to show up in new and inexplicable ways - and we did. We all did!

In this time of incredible growth and transformation we've seen unprecedented innovation, compassion, and accelerated healing. We've also been witness to incredible loss, sadness and pain. My story is not that different.

At the start of 2020 a significant relationship came to a sudden and unanticipated end, followed by COVID, lockdowns, and social distancing, followed by the loss of my job, nearly losing my home, and recently the unexpected and sudden loss of my father.

Many have suffered far greater and deeper losses this year. I am humbled and grateful and hold a deep abiding compassion for the world. Beyond the sharp edge of loss I found a deep love for myself and what has ultimately evolved into an unwavering devotion to walking with divine spirit (aka God).

Today, in the midst of life itself I walk more freely, joyfully, and abundantly than I ever have before.

I don't know all the ways life will continue to unfold for me, or anyone else for that matter. What I know is that I trust myself (and the divine) and my ability to be with change. Changes in me, in life, and on the ever-unfolding path I am walking on.

It hasn't been a walk of "lightly" or "effortlessly" but it has revealed great love, richness, depth, growth, and awakening. These gifts are priceless.

While my own healing, love of self and the divine, and most heartfelt intentions won't bring back relationships, the past year of isolation, my job, or my father - what is deeply evident is the preciousness of life itself. And, that in the experience of life and living all things ebb and flow, begin and end. It's not cliche to acknowledge that with every ending there is a beginning - if we want one. In this way endings bring their own kind of blessing.

If I'm willing I can open to the peace of what is, allow life to unfold, ride it like a gentle wave, and watch just over the horizon for the next precious experience on it's way to me.

Though I know in my heart all I could ever need, want, or wish for already exists for me (in my life and being) right here, right now - I am certain there is more love, more joy, and more abundance just beyond the next wave.

Today, life is rich and my heart is full. It's more than enough!

Healing Message: “The heart is the true seat of power so just love everyone involved and all will unfold gracefully, in its own time. An angel watches over you. With patience, love and perseverance all will work out fine. Be guided by the wisdom of your heart.”


  • Words: Protection. Forgiveness. Trust

  • Healing Crystals: Pink Tourmaline. Black Tourmaline. Prehnite.


Card Credits

  • Crystal Reading Cards - Rachelle Charman

  • Heart & Soul Cards: Oracle Cards for Personal & Planetary Transformation - Salerno, Toni Carmine


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