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Based on the beautiful work of Cheryl Marlene the following questions

are wonderful examples of things to explore on your spiritual journey.

  • What do I need/want to know about XYZ?

  • What is my truth about XYZ?

  • What is beneficial for me to understand about XYZ?

  • What can I let go of regarding XYZ?

  • What no longer services me regarding XYZ?

  • How am I out of step with XYZ?

  • What will bring release with XYZ?

  • What is my truth today? 

  • How can I deepen my process of physical and spiritual integration?

  • In this moment, how do I understand and connect with the overall meaning of my life?

  • What can I do to expand my ability to trust myself?

  • What can I learn today that will help me move forward in my life?

  • How can I embrace a deep sense of self-worth?

  • How can I bring more joy and laughter into my life?

  • How do I hold myself back from fully loving myself and others?

  • How does blame show up in my life?

  • How does fear impact my life?

  • What expectations or judgements do I have which blocks or limits my life?

  • What are my next steps in life? 

Excerpts from 400+Questions to ask the Akashic Records by Cheryl Marlene

Note - I am not formally trained in Akashic Records and I am not paid to promote the work of Cheryl Marlene. 

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