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Soul & Spiritual Gifts Reading

What are my spiritual gifts? What's my soul/life purpose? Why isn't my lifes' work moving forward? Why can't I access my spiritual gifts, what's blocking me?


More than a card reading, this intuitive session reveals the soul of your innate spiritual gifts. Session focuses on illuminating the gifts you are meant to express in this life and reveal any barriers that may limit that expression.  


Session may include information about your energy bodies, emotions, behaviors or life patterns, barriers/blockages to your highest wellbeing, anything blocking you from accessing your innate gifts, information about your spiritual journey, blockages to a fruitful outcome, etc. Session may include channeled messages, healing attunement, and/or energy clearing/balancing.


NOTE: Sessions focus on the energy of person requesting the reading. Although readings can be very detailed at times - and reveal specific issues - I do not make predictions about outcomes, nor advise on what decision a person should make in any situation. I may make recommendations to support you on your journey – it’s always your choice to accept those or not.

Soul & Spiritual Gifts Reading

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