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Love Path Reading (for pairs/couples)

Why are my partner and I struggling? What is blocking me/my partner from having a stable/happy/sucessful partnership? What healing do I need to focus on to improve my relationship?


More than a card reading, this intuitive session reveals the energy around you and your current partner. This reading is intended for those in a couple only. LGBTQI welcome. If you are single request a Soul-Mate Reading. 


Session may include information about your energy bodies, emotions, behaviors or life patterns, barriers/blockages to your highest wellbeing, anything blocking the highest good in your connection, information about your journey, and whats needed for a successful outcome. Session may include channeled messages, healing attunement, and/or energy clearing/balancing.


NOTE: Sessions focus on the energy of person requesting the reading. Although readings can be very detailed at times - and reveal specific issues - I do not make predictions about outcomes, nor advise on what decision a person should make in any situation. I may make recommendations to support you on your journey – it’s always your choice to accept those or not.

Love Path Reading (for pairs/couples)

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