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Love Path Reading (partners in separation)

What is happening in our connection? What needs to be healed? How can we move forward? What's the nature of our connection? What's influencing our relationship/separation? 


More than a card reading, this intuitive session reveals the energy related to you and your love partner. This reading is intended for those who have been in a relationship but are currently in separation from their person. LGBTQI welcome.


Session may include information about your energy bodies, emotions, behaviors or life patterns, barriers/blockages to your highest wellbeing, anything blocking you from connecting with your spiritual soul-mate, information about your journey, and anything needed to a successful outcome. Session may include channeled messages, healing attunement, and/or energy clearing/balancing.



NOTE: Sessions focus on the energy of person requesting the reading. Although readings can be very detailed at times - and reveal specific issues - I do not make predictions about outcomes, nor advise on what decision a person should make in any situation. I may make recommendations to support you on your journey – it’s always your choice to accept those or not.

Love Path Reading (partners in separation)

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