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Departed Loved One/Spirit Guides

What messages do my spirit guides have for me? Who is around me? Is my departed loved one okay? What do they want me to know?


Connecting with a departed loved one or spirit guide can be profound way to bring healing into your life. Learn what messages are wanting to come forward for you. Session may or may not include oracle cards.  Note, I do not read for departed pets at this time. Session may include healing attunement, and/or energy clearing/balancing if that need presents itself. 


NOTE: Sessions focus on the energy of person requesting the reading. Although readings can be very detailed at times - and reveal specific issues - I do not make predictions about outcomes, nor advise on what decision a person should make in any situation. I may make recommendations to support you on your journey – it’s always your choice to accept those or not.

Departed Loved One/Spirit Guides

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