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Career Path Reading

We spend a great deal of our lives working. Sometimes work is fulifilling and meaningful, and othertimes it can feel like we've hit a deadend. This is a general career reading offering an overall look into the energies surrounding your career path.


What are your strengths, what's unfolding on your current path, are you in the best career for you, is your current career choice in alignment with your goals/soul? This reading looks at work-path. If you're interested in a deeper look at your gifts request a Soul Gifts reading. 


NOTE: Sessions focus on the energy of person requesting the reading. Although readings can be very detailed at times - and reveal specific issues - I do not make predictions about outcomes, nor advise on what decision a person should make in any situation. I may make recommendations to support you on your journey – it’s always your choice to accept those or not.

Career Path Reading

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