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Any information you share about your situation is received in confidence and will never be disclosed. There are two exceptions: if you voluntarily leave a public testimonial that identifies your name and you choose to use your actual name; and/or if you disclose current abuse of a child or vulnerable adult under which case I am obligated by state law to report it to appropriate authorities.


I will never share or disclose your contact information. The contact information you enter into the LIGHTGUIDED site will be used to market services by LIGHTGUIDED.  I will never sell your information. 


In general, I do not offer refunds for services rendered. If you have any concerns about any service whatsoever, please email me at Your satisfaction is important to me. I will do what I can to find a solution that addresses your concern.


Services are not intended to replace medical or behavioral health services. Please consult with a physician or specialist if you are in crisis, have changes to medications, or before initiating any suggested practices, supplements, dietary changes, or lifestyle changes.



For legal purposes readings are categorized as "for entertainment purposes only." Clients are responsible for their own decisions and actions.

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