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Thank you for trusting me to be a support along your healing journey. I'm Lisa - a licensed clinical counselor with 14 years experience in the behavioral health field. I hold certifications in Wholistic Kinesiology and Energy Work and identify myself as an intuitive empath, spiritual medium, and Lightworker. I combine all of these skills in my approach to helping others navigate the healing journey. Personally, I am committed to a spiritual philosophy & teaching referred to as New Thought which has its origins in Hinduism and other spiritual wisdom practices. In 2020, I will embarked on a multi-year certification program to become a licensed spiritual counselor. 


Every session is unique and geared toward your highest wellbeing. I recommend initial sessions be no less than 60 minutes. In our first session I'll ask if you have questions before we begin. I may also ask about your overall health and lifestyle, habits of daily living, and what you hope to accomplish in our time together. These questions help me focus on your needs and define an approach to best support you on your journey. You do not need to share anything you don't wish to. This is your sacred time and you are in charge of the information you shareRemember, whatever you do choose to share is confidential.


Healing happens in different ways. By using a holistic approach we can address various blocks that may be keeping you from feeling your best. As I tune into your energy I am intuitively guided in the approach to best support you. In some cases, I may suggest changes in activity level, nutrition, and/or targeted vitamins and minerals. We may discuss meditation practices or other supportive activities. Energy work can identify and clear patterns that may be stuck in your energy bodies. Energy clearing allows you to progress along the path more fluidly. Energy work may be silent, or I may speak during this time. 

Every healing journey is different. Some people report feeling lighter and more clear immediately following a session, others may experience feeling worse initially as energy begins to move/shift. The most important thing is that you feel supported in this work. I am available for 30 minute follow up sessions as needed! 


If you experience a crisis and have thoughts of hurting yourself or others - call 911 as appropriate to your situation. LIGHTGUIDED is not a medical service.

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