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Lisa K. Jackson, LIGHTGUIDED
  Dear Friends, 

Welcome to LIGHTGUIDED. I'm glad you're here! 


We're borne of light. Divinity is our birthright and we're all here at this time, on this planet, on purpose. There are no mistakes. If we choose to walk the path of growth and healing our difficulties and challenges can be the very gifts that lead us back to our divinity and innate wisdom.  


It's not always an easy path. Sometimes we can feel lost and forget who we are. My focus is helping others navigate the healing journey with love and compassion. Offering practical guidance, intuitive insights, energy healing and support - so you can move forward with clarity, balance, and wellbeing.

I'm a licensed clinical counselor, certified energy practitioner, certified wholisitic kinesiologist, advocate for whole food (mostly plant-based) nutrition, spiritual medium, intuitive empath, and lightworker. These tools and skills helped me on my own spiritual, health, and healing journey and it's my privilege to share them with you. 

  Lisa K. Jackson 


New energy is upon us. We are no longer tied to karma. We are awakening to our connection with source energy. Deep transformation is happening - showing up in our lives as dramatic & rapid change. These transformations can cause us to feel off balance. Our path and purpose may seem unclear. Rest assured you are here on purpose, exactly in the right place at the right time. We are sparks of Divine Light here to usher in the energy of love. As ushers, we are invited to heal in ways never imagined. Doors are opening allowing us to heal old wounds and karma, elevate our frequency and consciousness, and feel more connected to source energy.

LIGHTGUIDED is a source of guidance and support to ease the way during this unfolding - to help you experience more health, freedom, joy, and abundance along the way!

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